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These are the General Terms and Conditions set out by Gi2C Corporate Registrar and valid for all program bookings made with Gi2C Corporate Registrar (also referred here as "we", "us", “Gi2C”) by you ("the client", ”participant”). All bookings are subject to these conditions, which become legally binding upon receiving the enrollment form via E-mail. By paying the Program fee or the Processing fee, you are entering into a contractual agreement with Gi2C Corporate Registrar and you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions as described below. We reserve the right to reject the application of any person we deem unsuitable for our programs, at our own discretion. All clients of Gi2C are obliged to act in full compliance with the rules and regulations of the People’s Republic of China.


The client shall understand that the information on the website is provided "as is" and without warranties of any kind either expressed or implied. To the full extent permissible by applicable law, Gi2C disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Gi2C does not warrant that the website or the server(s) that host the website available are free of viruses or other harmful components.

Gi2C does not warrant or make any representations regarding the use or the results of the use of the information on this website as to its correctness, accuracy, reliability, or otherwise.

The client (and not Gi2C) assumes the entire cost of all necessary servicing, repair, or correction. Applicable law may not allow the exclusion of implied warranties, thus certain of the above exclusions may not be applicable to the client.


The client agrees to waive and release all the claims against Gi2C (this term shall include officers, directors, the company itself, employees and agents of the company, as well as host institutions and any person or entity employed or utilized by Gi2C) arising from, or in connection with, any physical or property damage or loss, accidents, delays, irregularities, or other occurrences the client may suffer from and any cause including the circumstances of insuperable force, strikes or government restrictions, war, terrorists activities, sickness or quarantine or the acts or omission of any other agents over which such persons have no direct control, including, without limitation, airlines, transportation companies and railways, bus companies, taxi services, general road traffic, restaurants, student residences, apartments, youth hostels, hotels or host families.

The client shall understand, that the client is responsible for taking all the measures and exercising caution and common sense at all times to avoid personal injuries and/or death. Gi2C Corporate Registrar is not responsible for any natural disasters or random acts of god.
The client hereby waives and releases all claims against Gi2C and its agents arising at any time during the program, (whether the client under or not the direct supervision of Gi2C or its agents), and agrees to indemnify Gi2C and its agents against any consequences thereof.


Before the client's arrival Gi2C will send the client electronic copies of:
The enrollment contract, which confirms acceptance to the specified program, which needs to be signed and returned before arrival,
Confirmation Email outlining basics of program selected

These forms are for the client's own reference and form the contract terms between the Client and the Gi2C Corporate Registrar.

The contract takes effect upon the client's acceptance of the Terms and Conditions (continuing the application process without protest to the Terms and Conditions will be understood as acceptance of the contract). The client shall be asked to sign a hard copy set of these forms upon the client's arrival at Gi2C Corporate Registrar.


Fees can be paid in cash, PayPal (only processing fee), credit card (only processing fee), western union or by bank transfer only and are to be paid in full. All transfer charges are the client's responsibility. USD is the primary currency and payments in all other currencies will be measured against USD exchange rate (HSBC Bank Exchange Rate) on the date of payment.
The whole program fee has to be paid within 10 consecutive days from the date your processing fee has been paid. Late payments prior to deadline are subject to a 100 USD weekly surcharge. It is the client’s responsibility to make sure that the payments by bank transfer is possible and can be done on time from his/her bank account or to find alternative ways of making the bank transfer before arrival to China.
The content and information displayed on our website and other promotional material is believed to be valid and correct but we will not be held liable and do not take responsibility for any misinformation or ambiguities in the content. All terms and conditions subject to annual review and update. Pricing may be adjusted for increased costs and inflation as required.
No compensation, fee reductions, refunds, credits, additional lessons or extension of the course can be given under normal circumstances, including:

  • Services or facilities as defined on the enrollment form and not used.
  • Late arrival, absence or early departure from a course (see also Cancellation).
  • Days when the company is closed because of the official Gi2C Corporate Registrar holidays defined by the Gi2C Corporate Registrar management.

Refunds of processing fee shall only be made if and when Gi2C fails to provide an internship placement to the client within 45 days of finalizing your subscription. Refund of paid programs fees shall be only if and when a client is unable to obtain a travel visa and provides Gi2C Corporate Registrar a copy of the denial letter and visa application that is properly completed without misrepresentations. The fees for visas, flights, medical insurance and all study materials are not included in any program’s cost and have to be purchased separately. Clients are responsible for their own insurance costs and responsibilities upon landing in China.

The fees for visas, flights, medical insurance and all study materials are not included in any program’s cost and have to be purchased separately.

General Rules

Gi2C is not liable for any costs not included in the booked program.
Gi2C reserves the right to determine which language group is appropriate for the client.
Gi2C will not grant any refunds to the client applying for a language course of certain level but unable to join the specific course. In this case the client shall be offered a suitable alternative. In case there is insufficient number of people to run a group class, a reduced number of individual classes shall be offered. The balance of the group classes will be transferred accordingly to private classes.

The name of the sponsored company can only be disclosed after a program fee for the program have been received. There are a number of reasons for this requirement:

1. Gi2C have spent years building trusting relationships with our partner companies. They expect us to provide interns regularly and reliably. If you were assigned to a company and then decided not to join, that would affect our business relationship.

2. Most companies that we work with prefer not to advertise publicly for interns; instead they rely on us to handle the selection process for them.

It is clients’ responsibility to be aware of any national holidays or other events that may change the nature of your program. While most companies operate a 9-5 working policy, some may have different requirements and we cannot be held responsible for this.

International flights are not included in the cost of any of our programs. We cannot be held responsible for any action, negligence or event relating to the purchase or operation of flight tickets or flights. We will also not be responsible for any costs or refunds due to changes or delays in flights. We do not recommend or endorse any airline, insurance provider, or travel agent and it is the sole responsibility of the program participant to arrange these details and select providers based on their own decisions and experiences.

Pickup from Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong airport will be available from 9am to 6pm on a specified day according to the scheduled starting date of each program as determined by Gi2C. Please make sure to check our starting dates of our programs and to consult with your program advisor prior to coming to China. Clients who arrive early or late will be responsible for their own transportation and related costs.

If the client chooses to switch from one program to another or would like to make any changes to the singed agreement form (add some changes to the Program) an administration fee of 200 USD is applicable. If the client wishes to take a break during his/her program an administration fee of 200 USD applies.

For the extension of the program the client should inform Us at least 3 weeks in advance by writing via email or letter. We can’t guarantee extension of the program. If the extension of the program is possible, in that case the fee that we will charge will be counted as a fee for a new program from the beginning. The discount rate will apply also staring from the beginning (same as a new program).

Gi2C cooperates with many organizations and some cultural activities are free of charge but some require payment. It is a client’s responsibility to cover any extra cost that might be involved during activities (i.e. food and beverages) Participation in any activity is not required by Gi2C or its partners.

If the participant should experience any problems whilst partaking in our program, they must immediately inform Us in writing by email or letter, with a clear explanation of the problem. In such an event, we will discuss the problem with the participant and will discuss ways in which the problem can be solved. We are not responsible for any conversations or anything that is said unless it is recorded in the written form either by email or by letter.

The participant agrees to discuss any problems in their placement with our staff prior to discussion with their internship provider. If the assigned internship company wishes to terminate a participant's placement prior to the end of the stated time as a result of the participant's inadequate or unhelpful participation or prolonged or repeated absence from work or early end of the project or any other related to work issue, the participant understands that no refund of fees will be given in this situation and We are under no obligation to provide another placement.

If the participant wishes to terminate their placement prior to the end of the time stated in the contract for any reason they must provide us with written notice, clearly stating the reasons for such a decision. The participant understands that no refund of fees will be made in this situation and that no other placement will be offered.

We take no responsibility and are not liable for any third party behavior or actions including but not limited to that of the host internship provider, employees or in designated accommodation.

We take no responsibility and are not liable for any accidents that take place at any third party locations including but limited to the premises of the host internship provider and the designated accommodation. It is the participant's responsibility to ensure they purchase personal liability insurance prior to the commencement of their internship.
The participant is responsible for ensuring that they have purchased full, comprehensive insurance prior to departure to China, which will cover them for the duration of the Program and which includes but is not limited to travel, health, medical and accident insurance. The participant must bring all relevant insurance documents with them to China.

In instances where the assigned internship company demands it, the participant agrees to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with the assigned internship company. Regardless of whether or not the assigned internship company requires a written Non Disclosure Agreement, the participant agrees to respect and keep confidential the Intellectual Property of the assigned internship company. Penalty for violation of the non-disclosure clause by any party hereto shall be $25,000 per disclosure incident. The same provisions shall apply to a mutual non-disclosure agreement executed with Gi2C Corporate Registrar upon arrival in China.

We are not responsible for the workload provided by the internship provider whether it is of a high intensity or low intensity. In such situations, the Participant should advise us of the problem via email directed to our program coordinator and we will endeavor to resolve the issue accordingly directly with the company in a timely manner.
Our clients grant us permission to utilize their images and/or feedback in our promotional materials.

To comply with Visa regulations of the PRC, you must notify us if you have any of the following: Mental disease, Venereal Disease, Tuberculosis, HIV, Leprosy or other infectious diseases. You must also inform us if you have ever been deported, overstayed any visa, or have a criminal record in any country. Failure to do so negates any claim you may make for any refund.

Our maximum liability is limited to the cost of the program.

Internship program

Upon completion of the internship program, the client can obtain a certificate issued by the company. Any work-related issues between the client and the company are to be solved between those two parties only.

Before the participant joins the candidate pool process, Gi2C requires a processing fee of 300 USD or equivalent amount in other currency to be paid in advance.

The participant understands that Gi2C may have signed a contract with the host company under which Gi2C must be informed and commissioned if and when the internship leads to a full time, salaried position.

Notice: Paying a processing fee does not make a person a Gi2C Client. Only when our program fee is paid does one become a Gi2C client and our client relationship concludes after we place an intern or we provide three placements that are rejected for any reason by our client.


All payments are 100% refundable as per our refund policy below. In the event that Gi2C is unable to provide at least one internship placement matched according to the terms of the Email confirmation within the prescribed time limits, or the participant is refused a visa by the People’s Republic of China, and a letter of denial from the visa bureau is provided to Gi2C, the participant is entitled to a 100% refund of the program fee paid to Gi2C. Gi2C’s maximum refund liability is capped at the cost of our program and does not include airfare, visa, nor other costs incurred by the participant.
Processing fee will be 100% refunded if you do not receive an internship placement within 30 consecutive days prior to your departure date or within 45 consecutive days of finalizing your subscription by submitting all requested documents, whichever is later. Your program fee is refundable if you do not receive written confirmation of an internship placement within 45 consecutive days of receipt of your program fee payment or 30 consecutive days prior to your scheduled departure date, whichever is later.

Placement Commission

It is irrevocably agreed, acknowledged and understood, that if the participant is offered and accepts either full or part time employment while in China during or after his internship expires, Gi2C shall be due and fully paid a placement commission equivalent to ten percent (10%) of their gross salary within 30 days of hiring. This fee shall be collected for three consecutive years.


Gi2C will provide high standard shared accommodation located in downtown for 4 weeks to all participants who have applied for our all-inclusive program. Please make sure you have checked the dates when you have to check in and check out of assigned accommodation. For more information about the accommodation and dates please consult with your program coordinator.

For a Homestay option we require a deposit to be made in advance. The refund of the deposit can only be made if we couldn’t find a suitable family within 40 days after receiving a deposit to our bank account. If the client wants to cancel homestay option for any reason after the deposit been transferred, no refund can be made.


In the event the client wants to stop the matching (internship placement) process due to any reason, processing fee will not be refunded. If the client does not accept any one of three suitable internship placements (as determined by the Gi2C Career Development Officer) no further services shall be offered to the client and any claims for a refund shall be null and void. At this point Gi2C bears no further obligation to the participant.

If the Client has paid the full amount of the program fee to confirm his/her attendance and wishes to cancel a program, no refund will be given unless otherwise stated below in our refund section. If an participant fails to make the full payment of the program fee within ten consecutive days of payment of their $300 USD processing fee, Gi2C reserves the sole right to cancel or postpone their internship program at their own discretion and convenience, in which case monies, paid to date may be forfeited.

Cancellation by the Gi2C

If a client does not comply with these Terms and Conditions or exhibits undue behavior (e.g. racism, verbal abuse of staff or other course participants, substance abuse, violations of the laws of the PRC, etc.), Gi2C reserves the right to cancel the client’s program immediately. The program fee will not be reimbursed. Possible surcharges, e.g. additional airport transfer charges, shall be the client’s responsibility.
We reserve the right to expel a participant from the program at our own discretion for reasons including but not limited to breaking the law, bullying, threatening, or sexual harassment of other participants, anti-social or unreasonable behavior or unfit conduct towards other group members, our employees/agents, and/or the assigned internship company or excessive absence from work. In the above situations, no refunds are entitled, nor shall they be paid.

In situations where the participant does not comply with the rules of the assigned internship company or rules of our Program or the laws of the People’s Republic of China, We may release the participant from the Program and no refund will be granted to the participant. Should the client become involved in any criminal matter, they are obligated to notify our office within 24 hours.

Quality guarantee

Should there be faulty or deficient services provided by Gi2C the claim should be declared in a written form via email or letter to the Gi2C’s administration during the program period. Any claims made after the program shall not be recognized. In the event of a justified claim, the Gi2C administration may make a suitable reimbursement.

Participants will take full responsibility for their conduct at all times during the Program. The participant will not act irresponsibly, break the law of the People’s Republic of China, or put themselves or others in dangerous situations, and if they do, will be responsible for their own consequences.

Passport, Visa and Health Restrictions

It is the client's responsibility to comply with all the regulations concerning passport validity, visa validity and health regulations. Non-compliance with these regulations and any costs that might be incurred due to the above-mentioned are the client's responsibility. Furthermore, it is the client's responsibility to obtain the required documents, such as visa, passport etc. However, Gi2C can assist the client to extend visa by providing necessary information and shall always be available for inquiries about issues concerning Chinese visa. Any cost for getting the visa and later extension/conversion of it is a client’s responsibility.

Participants must inform us of any travel abroad or any other unavailability of passport for visa processing during the three weeks prior to starting our program. We cannot be held responsible for additional costs for express processing, postage, and submission in person by our staff, or delay or cancellation of program due to failure to inform us of such details.

Safety, Health and Insurance

The client expressly acknowledges and agrees to acquire their own insurance at their own expense prior to departure for China. Gi2C bears no responsibility for participant’s insurance directly or indirectly, under any theory at law or in equity to claim against Gi2C. The client understands that insurance is the client’s responsibility and that Gi2C shall not obtain any insurance for the client.

The client hereby grants Gi2C and its agents the full authority to take whatever actions they may consider to be warranted due to any international or political unrest, personal emergency or other circumstances regarding the client’s health and safety, and the client fully releases Gi2C and its agents from any liability for such decisions or actions as may be taken in connection with the above-mentioned circumstances.

The client authorizes Gi2C and its agents at their discretion to place the client at the client’s own (or the client’s family members') expense and without the client’s further consent under the supervision of a local Chinese or international medical service and treatment. If deemed necessary or desirable by Gi2C or its agents, the client shall authorize them to transport the client back to the client’s home country by commercial airline or otherwise at the client's own (or client’s family members') expense for medical treatment.

Use of Images and Comments

By agreeing to these terms and conditions the client agrees that Gi2C may use any photo(s)/image(s) we or someone on our behalf takes of the client or any comments (written or verbal) the client makes during or in connection with the client's stay for our promotional/ marketing purposes (such as including them in our brochure /website) without obtaining the client's further specific permission or making any payment to the client. Such use may include mentioning the client's name, nationality, etc.

Unavoidable Circumstances

It shall be a fundamental condition of the contract between Gi2C and the client that the former shall not in any way be liable to the client in the event of any contracted service becoming impossible to supply due to war or threat of war, terrorism or threat of terrorism, fire, sickness, environmental or climate concerns, acts of government or local authority, or any other event or circumstance which amounts to a “force majeure” and in such cases no refund or compensation for any loss will be given to the Participant unless otherwise decided at Our discretion.

Validity of Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are valid from 20th November 2012 and are subject to the law of People's Republic of China. Alterations to these Terms and Conditions are valid from the moment of publication on the website.
If a provision of this agreement (or any part of any provision) is found illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the provision shall apply with the minimum modification necessary to make it legal, valid and enforceable OR the parties shall negotiate in good faith to amend such provision such that, as amended, it is legal, valid and enforceable, and, to the greatest extent possible, achieves the parties’ original commercial intention.