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New York... It’s too far and too expensive. Hong Kong... It’s too crowded. Shanghai... There you go!


If you fancy moving to a fast-paced, boisterous megacity to pursue a career, then Shanghai is the place to go. Modern Shanghai is a conglomeration of Fortune 500 companies, small and medium enterprises, and ambitious start-ups. Whether you’re interested in shipping and logistics, finance and consulting, banking, manufacturing, law, management, IT, fashion and media, architecture and design, food production, advertising, public relations, development, tourism, high-tech industry, environmental protection, or biotechnology, Shanghai has it. And the best way to get into any of these industries straight away is with internships in Shanghai.


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Shanghai is one of the world’s largest, and most prosperous cities. According to analysis carried out by the Brookings Institution, a US-based nonprofit organization, Shanghai ranked number one among the world’s 200 fastest growing cities in 2011, based on its employment rate and average income. The report also states that Shanghai’s economy is now equal in size to that of Finland. In fact, Shanghai and other Chinese cities have surpassed the traditional ‘global lions’ - New York, London, Dubai in growth. Shanghai internships are growing as well giving Shanghai interns more choices and opportunities.


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What are the reasons for Shanghai's outstanding economic performance? Around thirty years ago the government of The People's Republic of China began a policy of economic reforms that opened the country up to the rest of the world. Shanghai, due to its prime coastal location, found itself in the center of these economic reforms, and subsequently gained the right to conduct foreign trade and welcome foreign participation in its businesses. Shanghai internships and job opportunities were now available to foreigners. As a large port city and a historically important trading post, it did not take long for Shanghai to start prospering.


Additional policies approved by the central government, including research and development funding, foreign investment and tax incentives, and the overall goal to transform Shanghai into a global economic center further encouraged the development of China's mega-city. With its rapid expansion and constant quality of life improvement, Shanghai is one of the world’s most attractive places for foreign and local investment as well as a great place to start your career. As a result, internships in Shanghai are the most sought after in the world.


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Why exactly is Shanghai a solid launching point for one’s career? Being home to over 500 different kinds of foreign and domestic financial institutions, Shanghai is China’s financial center. In fact, according to the Global Financial Centers Index, in 2010, Shanghai ranked as the sixth most important financial center in the world. In addition, between 1995 and 2000, Shanghai’s I've been offered an internship in Shanghaimanufacturing sector nearly doubled in growth, and investment into new manufacturing industries grew by 9.5% in 2011. Although, Shanghai’s success is not only limited to finance and manufacturing, as 2000 new key industries including communications, IT, biomedicine, finance, real estate, insurance, banking, law, and tourism have also been experiencing unprecedented growth over the past few years. As an intern in Shanghai, you will be able to jump right in to these fast growing industries. An internship in Shanghai not only gives you work experience but also the chance to learn about the fascinating Chinese culture and lifestyle. China is truly a unique and fascinating place to live and work.


Unfortunately, China is still crippled by an overall lack of creativity and innovation. This is a pressing issue for China as China attempts to compete with the rest of the world on a variety of levels. Fixing this problem is now a government priority. Although this issue has affected China's international reputation, it also presents an opportunity for foreign workers, as the Chinese government has recently announced a plan to invite more foreign specialists from different fields to bring innovative and creative energy to the country. Many Chinese companies in Shanghai have found their own ways to deal with the problem. They have launched internship programs through which they find young talented staff. The new staff breath fresh air into the company and inject enthusiasm and creativity back into the lifeblood of the company. As an intern in Shanghai, you will be able to bring the ideas and unique style of thinking you learned in your home country to help make your new workplace a place of diversity and a place that encourages thinking outside the box.
interns demand in Shanghai Programs of three months up to one year allow company managers to evaluate an intern’s performance and, based on their success, often offer full-time employment with the company. Internships in Shanghai are becoming increasingly popular and versatile.


Get in2 China Group - China's leading internship program provider – is an expert on the current internship market in Shanghai. According to our research, Shanghai's offices and organizations hold, at present, around 47 percent of the overall foreign internship positions in China. 'Hot' internship vacancies are found in the fields of marketing, communications, PR, IT, legal services, investment consulting, banking and finance, logistics, international trade, media, and property development. An internship in Shanghai is a great stepping-stone to an exciting career!


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