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Less than a decade ago, the United States and the EU were the most popular destinations for young graduates to pursue an internship. However, times have changed dramatically, and China has become the new launching pad for future careers.


Beijing, as the capital of China, and home to nearly 20 million people, serves as the nation’s cultural, historical, political, educational, and administrative center. A large number of state-run companies, organizations and agencies are located here, and numerous SMEs and Fortune 500 companies enter the arena of China's capital every day. Without a doubt, Beijing internships are quite a valuable experience. As an intern in Beijing, you'll be in the heart of China and working among the movers and shakers of the country.


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Beijing's role as the capital city makes it a large international hub with many opportunities for those seeking to get work experience. Internships in Beijing are a great place to start your career. The number of offices and companies operating in Beijing continues to increase, and demand for qualified employees often exceeds supply. More and more employers are offering internships in Beijing as a way to quickly get people in the door. Beijing is also home to many of China's state-run international broadcasting companies including China Central Television (CCTV) and China Radio International, in addition to a number of foreign media companies such as Phoenix TV, Bloomberg TV and others. So, if you are a beginner in the vast field of media and journalism, then Beijing internship is a good place to get your start.


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There are also local English language magazines covering social life, events, nightlife, bars, restaurants and other general questions related to expat life in Beijing. These magazines are in constant need of talented young foreigners who love to explore and share their views. Some writers and editors for the New York Times, Penguin China and the PR firm, Hill and Knowlton, started their careers with these magazines. Clearly, an internship in Beijing is a stepping-stone to bigger and better things. If your interested in public relations, companies in this area are continually expanding in Beijing, offering many opportunities for prospective interns and employees. Beijing interns can learn new work skills as well as learn about the unique culture in Beijing.


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The numerous professional opportunities in Beijing are not its only attractive feature. With its more than 3,000 year old history, Beijing sits at the intersection of old and new. Consistently ranked as the top city to live in among China’s expatriate population, Beijing has something to offer for everyone. For example, one can explore the city’s vast, maze-like network of old neighborhoods, known as hutongs, walk through the Emperor’s Imperial Palace, visit the Great Wall of China, or sample some of Beijing’s famous local cuisine. Although Beijing is the cultural and historical center of China, there are also many appealing things for the large expatriate community, as the city is home to a wide variety of international cuisine, western bars, clubs and European-style cafes. An internship in Beijing doesn't have to be all about China, there are plenty of foreigners and foreign-catered businesses to help with any feelings of homesickness. Beijing is so multi-cultural, you may even learn about other cultures besides China during your stay!


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While the idea of living in a foreign country with a foreign language may seem daunting, Beijing has grown into an international city, and the use of the English language has become increasingly more common. All street signs, public transportation announcements, and many menus are translated into English. Also, many bars, restaurants, and shops employ bilingual staff. With English now being a mandatory course starting from early primary school, the language barrier is not nearly as big of an obstacle as it was just a decade ago. It's easier to do an internship in Beijing now than ever before.


As employers strongly encourage their foreign employees to become better acquainted with the local history and culture, no matter how intense your China internship program might be, you will still have enough time to explore one of the world's most popular destinations. Also, if you choose Get in2 China to organize your internship experience, we will make sure you get the most out of your time here. We regard internships in Beijing as not just tough work, but also the means to broaden your cultural perspective, and overall worldview.


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