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Over the past three decades, China has left the world in awe with its blistering economic growth. Today, the Middle Kingdom is the world's second largest economy, a land of opportunity attracting talents from all over the globe. Curious about all the fuss surrounding China? Why not have a look inside? At the Getin2China Group, we want to help you invest in your future. We offer internships and employment opportunities in two of the world's most dynamic and global cities, Beijing and Shanghai.

With over five years of expertise and established partnerships with more than 2000 companies, Getin2China can provide you with invaluable work experience through an internship in China. Through our internship program, you will obtain insightful knowledge of Chinese culture and business practices while working for a local or international company. We offer internships that range from one month to six months, or even longer. As the economies of Asia continue to rise, employers value work experience in China. Here's your chance to get your foot in the door, advance your career and stand out from the crowd.

Intern in China with Gi2C

We're not an internship placement provider, we're corporate registrar. We hold several networking events and business seminars to help you meet professionals in your field, both from around the world and in China. Establishing contacts and building relationships are crucial to success here in the Middle Kingdom, and we want to help you expand your circle as an intern in China. Now's the chance to get out there, meet new people and network, network, network!

Furthermore, take advantage of the combined internship and Chinese language program and boost your Mandarin skills while gaining valuable professional experience.

Think of us as helping you advance your career. Whether you're a student looking for a summer internship (or longer), a recent graduate or simply someone seeking a career change, we can help.

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Generally, students and fresh graduates who have excellent people skills. Those who are willing to immerse themselves in a different culture and are ready to move forward in their careers are good candidates for our internship program. A good work ethic and the ability to fulfill responsibilities and accept new challenges are also important.


Our success as a company is dependent on your success in the workplace. We work together with you to find the perfect placement – and we won’t let you commit to our program until you feel comfortable and confident about your choice!

Furthermore, Getin2China will continue to provide you with dedicated support throughout your stay in China. We’re always here for you.


During your China internship program, we encourage you to make the most of your time in the Middle Kingdom. As an intern in China, you'll be exposed to tons of fascinating folks from a variety of professional fields - and make new friends along the way. The opportunities to expand your professional and social networks are endless.

We currently need qualified interns in the 18 career fields below:


  • Accounting
  • Automotive Engineering Technology
  • Arts / Galleries / Fashion Design
  • Architecture / Interior Design
  • Business Development / Administration
  • Communications / Consulting
  • Education / English Teaching / Linguistics
  • Environmental Studies
  • Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Civil)
  • Finance / Investment Banking
  • Food and Beverage
  • Hospitals / Pharmacy / Medicine
  • Human Resources Management
  • Hotels / Hospitality
  • International Trade / Promotion
  • IT / Software / Web Development
  • Journalism
  • Legal / Law
  • Marketing / Sales / Advertising
  • Media / PR / Events Management
  • NGO / Green Economy
  • Private Equity / Venture Capital
  • Psychology / Counseling
  • Real Estate
  • Sociology / Anthropology / Social Work
  • Sports Management
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Television and Broadcasting


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