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If you are looking for the best recruitment solutions in China for interns, then look no further than Get in2 China Group. This local agency has been operating in Mainland China since 2007 and has had incredible success in matc

hing interns with over 500 different enterprises. For clients that are looking for unique candidates that meet specific objectives, Get in2 China is the agency to use.



Organization or company must have a formal legal license
Is able to provide interns with real training and job responsibilities
Will supervise the intern's job to give them guidance
Will create and provide a letter of reference


- Enhances your team's creativity

A person's experiences and culture will give them a unique background in solving problems and reacting to change. If you can diversify your team of employees then you will find that ideas and perspectives can be combined to help you reach your goals.

- Increases the relationship of international markets with your organization

With new technology, the world is growing smaller each day. Whenever you are in position to launch a new product, cultural intelligence becomes a key factor. Hiring on international students can be a great way to help you target consumers in those areas of the world.

- Saves money and time in your recruiting

By letting us take care of the first stage of recruitment (screening candidates), you will not have to waste time and money going through countless resumes that don't apply to the positions that you need filled.

- Discover new talent

There are many up and coming students and graduates that apply for internships. This can infuse your business or organization with fresh talent. Sometimes an intern becomes so valuable because of their quality work and dedication that you may decide to hire them on full-time. This can be a great way to find the future company managers.

- Helps you avoid the formalities of administration

One of the things that we take care of in this initial process is that of the intern’s visa. We offer to facilitate these visas and help them find somewhere to stay while on their internship. This can make your recruitment process that much easier. It basically comes down to you selecting your ideal student candidate.

- New employees are energetic and motivated

One of the greatest things about student interns is that they are dynamic, young, and motivated. They want to get real job experience and can help with many different parts of the business. They are willing and ready to tackle any assignments that will help them develop their skills in a business context. Their positive attitudes and work ethic can be a great boost to your company.

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Our host companies include recruitment offices, high-profile multi-national companies, well-known brands, foreign-run production companies; event services companies, marketing firms and many more. If you are looking to sign-up part-time or full-time interns, you can sign up through us and give us your list of needs and specifications. We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect match!

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